Infinite M Base Package

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Infinite M Base Package Includes:

1. Modular Powerbank

2. Wireless Charging Module

3. USB AC Adapter

4. Micro USB Cable

Note: In order for you to charge your phone wirelessly via the Wireless Charging Module, your device would have to be either Qi compatible (Ex: Samsung Galaxy S6/S7) or attached with a wireless charging receiver patch that is sold separately.


The Infinite M

Modular Powerbank (Base)

At the core of the Infinite M platform is the Modular Powerbank (Base). While simple in design, the Modular Powerbank was made from a single block of aircraft grade aluminum by CNC. Designed to not just be durable, but sleek in a minimalistic way, the Modular Powerbank allows the user to easily swap and adapt different modules to suit their needs.


Wireless Charging Module (WCM) 

Hosting a powerful triple-coil solution, the Wireless Charging Module charges Qi compatible devices via inductive charging, freeing you from the hassles of wires. Capable of being powered by a Modular Powerbank or via external power sources with the Micro USB port, the Wireless Charging Module is a powerful gadget that is suitable in the office, at home, or on the go.


"Infinite Possibilities"

Future modules currently under development include Solar Charging Module (SCM),  Micro-Projector Module (MPM), and etc. 




Model : R5MK2B1
USB-A Maximum Output 5V 2.1A
Micro USB Maximum Input 5V 2.1A
Module Port Maximum Output 5V 2.1A
Maximum Input 5V 2.1A
Simultaneous Maximum Output 5V 3.1A
Battery Capacity 3.7V 7000mAh
Rated Cycles 500-1000
Environment Temperature 0C~50C (0F~122F)
Humidity <85% Non Condensing